Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing technique that replenishes and rebalances physical energy, health and inner harmony. Learning Reiki allows you to use this nourishing energy to help yourself and others maintain a higher level of balance and health. In this 6 hour class, the morning is devoted to understanding biofield energy, the history and principles of Reiki, and how the hand positions affect certain organs, body parts, and illnesses. You receive the attunement, or energy transfer, that allows Reiki energy to flow naturally from your hands for giving life-enhancing energy to yourself, other people, animals and plants. You will practice giving and receiving treatments with your classmates so that you are a confident Reiki healer by the end of the day. Tuition includes one-day class, manual, certificate and meditation CD

Reiki Level One Cost $170

Level 2 Reiki will allow you to channel four times the amount of Reiki energy than level one to heal yourself and others. Level Two gives you special tools and techniques for deep healing at subconscious and emotional levels, including depression, addictions, and negative emotional patterns in yourself and others. It greatly enhances intuition and allows you to operate more fully from that level on a day-to-day basis. One very practical advantage of Level Two training is absent healing, so that you can send Reiki to help friends and family at a distance with as much power, strength and effectiveness as if you were doing a hands-on treatment. Level Two is also practitioner-level training, so you can begin charging for treatments.
Tuition includes one-day class, certificate and manual

Reiki Level Two Cost $200

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