Spirit Rebuilder

Spirit Rebuilder Therapy, begins with accessing your Akashic Records to address three crucial questions, from there the remainder of healing treatment is established, integrating various healing modalities as directed by your Akashic Record.  No two souls are completely alike, therefore no two complete soul healing therapies are alike. Uniquely designed, like you, with the assistance of your records!

Spirit Rebuilder heals on multiple levels. On the initial level it assists an individual who has already done work and is seeking to advance on their spiritual path and discover their soul’s higher purpose. On another level, it heals the damaging effects of trauma, abuse and oppression (both internally and external forms of oppression),. so the individual has peace of mind and prevents the issue from having a negative impact on their future On the next level, Spirit Rebuilder heals an ancestral lineage. On its highest level, Spirit Rebuilder Sarvadehinaa heals entire soul groups.

The treatment is designed specifically for those individuals who have experienced any form of trauma, abuse and oppression. A Spirit Rebuilder treatment heals not only an individual, but is also capable of healing repeated acts of trauma, abuse and oppression within a complete ancestral lineage. A Spirit Rebuilder healing treatment, heals you at a soul level, and places you on your path to achieve your soul’s higher purpose.

This is an in-depth 3 hour session designed to free the body from trauma, abuse and oppression, and connect you with your soul’s higher purpose.